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The Hood PERFORMANCE VANG makes reefing easier in light winds, and helps reduce wear on your mainsail resulting from lift. A variety of pin selections makes the vang easy to adjust, while the system can be maintained in just minutes. Best of all, all Hood vangs are competitively priced.

Why a mechanical vang?

The answer is easy. The Hood Mechanical Vang eliminates the topping lift resulting in less wear on your mainsail. It gives you quicker boat handling and more control of your mainsail shape. In light winds the leech of the sail can be set accurately and it makes reefing easy. In use the vang is easy to adjust - there are a selection of pin positions for coarse and fine adjustment.

Choose from a range of tubes that best suits your requirements: Aluminum with epoxy powder coating for reduced weight, ideal for small performance yachts. Stainless Steel for maximum strength.

Key Benefits

bulletStainless Steel ends eliminate wear and corrosion
bulletFor maintenance you can disassemble the entire system in minutes
bullet5 year warranty
bulletDownload complete data sheet here>>>> (pdf file - size 500kb approx)



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Last modified: September 04, 2007